Campaings, video, photo, marketing

Our cooperation with TCL has commenced through brand awareness campaign. The TCL company has already been present in Czech market for some while but the general awareness was relatively low. That is why we approached Alexander Hemala, who shined out in 10 series of videospots. Besides that, we have prepared vasts of print materials, PR articles and complete online contents for retail usage.

The campaign has been positively recognised among wide public as well as with advertising industry experts. The 3 videos have reached 1 million views.


Brand Awareness

We have prepared a campaign for the Czech TAG Heuer representation. The main role was given to a video with the tennis player Petra Kvitova. We have done the whole thing - the creative part, organisation, production and postproduction.

Right after the official release, the video has swept the world and the information about the unexpected challenger to the double Wimbledon champion appeared in the Czech and world media.


Logo, website, interactive project

What will come out of a cooperation between a leading Czech football goalie and people who like sports? An entirely new web and logo. We designed both for Tomáš Vaclík in 2018.

We also took part in the preparation, implementation and promotion of his personal project 7.32 × 2.44, which aims at collecting goals from all over the world.


Webs, applications, campaigns

In 2016, we created a new web and finally an internal application for the company HELUZ, the largest Czech manufacturer of bricks. Our co-operation has continued with promotion in the form of campaigns, social networks, banners and smaller webs. Our takeover of this agenda has resulted in a three-fold increase in conversion rate and a four-fold increase in campaign CTR.


Photography, content, on-line marketing

We have produced more than 1,000 photographs and texts for the company Notino. We took these photographs in studios, exteriors, boudoir studios, with beautiful models – and always, it goes without saying, with loads of perfumes and cosmetics.

The X Feed Image Editor we have developed has helped achieve a significant increase in CTR and conversions in on-line campaigns.


Blog, podcasts, photography, book

We are responsible for the production of the blog archSPACE, which presents information on high-quality architecture and design.

The book archSPACE\Office, which we worked on for a year, came out in 2016. 180 pages, 9 interviews, 18 realisations. The book is the first Czech publication devoted to the phenomenon of office spaces.